Install a Strong Foundation for Your Pool or Spa

Choose us for sand and gravel located in Castroville, TX

If you’re installing a pool or spa in your yard, you’re going to need a stable foundation. You can find foundational sand and gravel for your pool or spa at Landscape Solutions & Nursery. Our specialized gravel is also great to serve as pond or pool linings.

You can trust us to carry durable, affordable products. Landscaping professionals, store owners and homeowners will all feel welcome at our store. Talk to us about your pool or spa project today for help finding the right sand and gravel products.

Add texture to your landscape design

Installing sand or decorative rocks in the design of your yard can give it the extra punch it needs to stand above the rest. Landscape Solutions & Nursery sells:

  • Foundation rock
  • Pea gravel
  • Manufactured sand
  • Decorative patio and flagstone rock
  • Texas Blend and Tres Rios River Rock
  • Lower Colorado River Basin Rock
  • Decayed granite

Don't forget we deliver our product to you, up to a 150 mile radius around Castroville,TX. Visit us today to pick up the rocks and stones you need to complete your landscape design.