Planning to Redesign Your Yard?

Find the landscape supplies you need located near the Castroville & San Antonio, TX area

A gorgeous landscape redesign starts with the right supplies. You can gather everything you need at Landscape Solutions & Nursery. We’re a premier landscaping supply company located near Castroville, TX delivering products to a 150 mile radius. We offer our products to landscaping professionals, store owners and the general public.

When you visit our store, you’ll find a wide variety of landscaping supplies. You’ll leave with everything you need to complete your landscaping project, from start to finish. Stop by today to get the supplies you need to start your project ASAP.

We're a landscaper's paradise

Visit our Castroville, TX landscape supply company to collect all of the landscaping supplies you need. We deliver to the surrounding area up to 150 mile radius. Our selection includes:

Custom soil mixes | Mulch | Landscaping tools | Seeds | Masonry products and mixes | Sand and gravel| Decorative rocks

Our mixes are completely organic and natural. Don’t see something you’re searching for on the list above? Contact us today to find out if we carry the product you’re looking for.

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Don't let a lack of supplies limit your project

You shouldn’t have to change your landscaping project because you can’t find the supplies you need. We do our best to tailor our selection to the preferences of all types of people. Carrying multiple types of masonry mixes is just one way we do that. Let your imagination run wild. We carry the products that can turn your ideas into a reality. Call us now at 830-985-3747 to learn more about our inventory.