Start Your Garden With the Right Soil

Purchase soil mixes and mulch at our location near the Castroville & San Antonio, TX area

Your plants need the right type of soil to grow healthy and strong. Fortunately, Landscape Solutions & Nursery offers a wide variety of soil mixes for your lawn, garden, and landscaping projects. Landscape Solutions & Nursery delivers product to the surrounding area up to 150 mile radius. Take a look at some of your options below:

  • Screened sandy loam and topsoil
  • Cactus and potting soils
  • Garden soil mixes
  • Top dressings

We also offer vegetable matter compost, made of 100% recycled products, and manure-based compost. All of our soil mixes are formulated to perform a specific job. Get in touch with us now to purchase the right soil for your specific needs.

Choose the right mulch for your landscape

What type of mulch would be best for your yard? Our professionals can help you choose from:

  • Composted mulch
  • Cedar mulch
  • Red-dyed and black-dyed mulch
  • Park bark mulch

Contact us today to learn more about our different mulch options. Whether your are completing are large commercial mulching job, or adding some mulch to your property in the San Antonio and Castroville, TX area, we've got a solution for you.